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Rain/Safety Wear

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Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment

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Rain jackets, safety vests, chemical gloves & a range of other protective gear for sale

Ensure your safety or that of your employees by buying all the necessary protective equipment for home and commercial gardening. From rain jackets and chemical-resistant gloves to safety vests and ear muffs, we stock the full range of protective equipment and clothing to ensure everyone on site is safe. Contact us to find out more.

Maximum protection

Working outdoors, whether for fun or as a job is enjoyable. Your employees are in touch with nature, working physically in nice surroundings, but there are certain hazards, and if you run a commercial agricultural or horticultural concern, you must ensure the safety of everyone on site. That’s where we come in. We stock all the necessary equipment to ensure that everyone is adequately protected against any chemicals, heavy equipment or machinery used.

Rain jackets and safety wear

Even if you work outside, you can’t let bad weather stop productivity, but you can ensure everyone is still comfortable, warm, dry and safe. We stock a variety of protective clothing items to ensure this including.

Prime movers wet weather jacket
Hi-Vis pants
• Polar fleece jumpers
• Rain jackets (Parka)
• Safety vests
• Rain pants
• Disposable coveralls
• Bin & brace

Protective Gloves

Your hands are the one part of your body most exposed when working on agricultural operations. There are a variety of hazards, from snakes and spiders to chemicals and sharp objects. No matter what type of work is being undertaken, we offer an appropriate protective measure. Our protective gloves include:

Knuckler gloves
Chemical gloves
Garden gloves
Line gloves
PVC gloves

We also sell an antimicrobial hand shield spray to protect against skin irritants.

Safety equipment

Not all agricultural activities take place in the outdoors, there is also warehouse and factory work involved, where machinery and heavy equipment are often used. In these instances, all workers need to be adequately protected. This means wearing high-quality and appropriate safety gear to protect all parts of your body.

Our protective gear includes:

• Hearing protection
• Protective ear muffs
• Peltor ear muffs
• Hi-vis uniforms
• Safety boots
• Steel cap boots

Contact Mirco Bros for all the protective and safety clothing and gear you will need. If we don’t have what you are looking for we will source it for you.