Barlotti Beans

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Blue Lake Bean

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Broad Beans

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Bronco Beans

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Eden Seeds

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Garlic Seed (Local)

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Greenfeast Peas

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Jade Beans Dwarf

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Kentucky Blue Bean Climbing

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Kikuyu Lawn Seed Blend

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Lawn Seed 1kg, 3kg Tough

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Legacy Sweet Corn

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Bean, corn, garlic, pea, and other vegetable seeds.

Green your garden and grow your own vegetables with our seedling punnets. Seriously, why not start a vegetable patch? Whether you have a small outdoor area or a spacious backyard, growing your own veggies is cheaper and healthier, and kinder to the environment. Contact us to get started.

Variety of seeds for healthy home growing

We sell a wide range of vegetable seeds, whether it’s for home or commercial use. This includes:

• Bean seeds
• Vegetable seeds
• Corn seeds
Garlic seeds
• Pea seeds

Experts in our field

With close to 50 years in the industry, Mirco Bros has established itself as a leading company in the supply of gardening and agricultural products. We have helped thousands of home gardeners and commercial farmers over the years, and have a team of experienced green fingers on hand to help you.

The benefits of growing your own vegetables

Growing your own vegetables will not only provide you with a steady supply of healthy vegetables for you and your family, it will also provide you with a great sense of achievement. The beauty of it is, it’s not difficult. We will provide with all the advice and growing materials that you need to get started.

Additional benefits:

• Fresh supply of great veggies – from you garden. No travelling or shopping required.
• Get your kids involved, they will love the process and are more likely to eat vegetables if they help to grow them.
• Growing veg is good for your garden, providing more variety and reducing the amount of pesticides needed.
• Get your hands dirty and get active. Gardening is a proven way of relaxing and escaping the day to day stresses of life.
• Give to the needy. You might grow an abundance of veggies, which is more than you need. In this case, you can donate the excess to local soup kitchens or food banks.
• Use the peels and organic waste to create your own compost heap.
• Impress your friends, family and neighbours and encourage them to do the same.
• Beautify your garden. Variety is the spice of life.