D-10 Degreaser 1LT,5LT,20LT

D10 is a concentrated, non-caustic, heavy-duty, general purpose degreaser that is environmentally friendly and safe to use.

D10 can be used in workshops, engine bays, bathrooms and kitchens.

D10 can be used in conjunction with steam cleaners and floor scrubbing machines.

D10 can be diluted at 1 part D10 to 50 parts water and used to mop floors and clean lightly soiled areas or bench tops.

D10 is also a sanitiser and is non-toxic making it ideal for kitchens, food preparation areas and bathrooms. Stainless Steel benches and exhaust hood filters are cleaned with ease

D10 is not harmful to the environment and therefore is perfect for cleaning ship’s bilges.

D10 can be used in a variety of different applications from Industrial workshops to home cleaning.

In environmentally sensitive areas D10 is the perfect cleaning degreaser. It is safe to use and safe to wash away without harm to the environment.

Although it is water based, D10 is a very powerful degreaser and should be used as directed. In places where D20 Solvent degreaser cannot be used, D10 comfortably takes on a heavy duty cleaning role.

The D10 is quickly becoming a product of choice when it comes to environmentally friendly degreasers that get the job done, the first time.