Drum Pump 20 Ltr


• Spout Holder Seal
Simple but very effective 'O' ring in the nozzle holder prevents unwanted moisture, dust and dirt contaminating the oil

• Universal Drum Adaptor
Designed and engineered to suit most plastic and tin plate drums

• Telescopic Tube
Easy-to-use telescopic tube that finds the depth of the drum with ease to draw the last drop of oil

• 'O' Ring
A uniquely designed groove contains a rubber 'O' ring that allows the suction tube to seal properly


• Easy downstroke displacement
• Approximately 14 strokes per litre
• 1.5 metre anti-kink hose
• Fitted with anti-drip nozzle and drain back nozzle holder
• Ground shaft with ‘O’ ring seal
• Nylon head and handle
• Also available for coal mining (model CA 465 GCM)
• 2¼" (57mm) 8 TPI bottle thread adaptor