F-10 Fuel Treatment 1LT

F10 Fuel Treatment is designed to clean and maintain the entire fuel system from storage tanks through to combustion.

F10 can be used in diesel, petrol and two stroke and high octane fuels as well as fuel oils.

F10 is extremely economical and is formulated to be used at 1 litre to 4000 Litres of fuel, however a more concentrated dose may be required for severe fungal infestations or unusually high amounts of water in storage tanks.

F10 removes water from fuel tanks. Water is dissolved in the F10, which in turn is absorbed into the fuel and burnt the combustion process. The removal of water from the tanks also removes the habitat for fungi and microbiological growth.

F10 kills and removes fungal growth including Cladosporium Resinae (Diesel Bug) from tanks. The dead Fungi are dispersed throughout the fuel in microscopic particles. These particles easily pass through fuel filters without clogging them and are then burned in combustion.

F10 dissolves wax, gums and varnishes present in the fuel. These are often the cause of blocked or partially blocked injectors. F10 cleans injectors and keeps them clean. This ensures properly atomised fuel from the injectors reaches the combustion chamber, therefore, maximising your fuel efficiency.
A clean fuel injection system means less unburnt hydrocarbons and harmful pollutants entering the atmosphere. Clean fuel injectors maximise fuel efficiency and will result in considerable cost saving when compared with an untreated system.

F10 will keep fuel filters cleaner for longer without loss of power and will put an end to costly downtime due to fuel related problems.

F10 will revitalise stale fuel and keeps fuel from going stale.

The use of F10 in your fuel will deliver better quality fuel to your engine and save you money by reducing downtime and maximising fuel economy.