M-10 Friction Modifier 1LT,5LT,20LT

M10 is an additive to oil that modifies the surfaces of metals with a blend of special lubricants and anti corrosion agents specifically formulated to reduce metal to metal friction between moving parts.

M10 is suitable for use in engines (including 2 stroke), gearboxes, differentials (not for limited slip differentials),bearings ,pumps,etc.

M10 should be used at a rate of 60mls per litre of engine, gear or differential oil at each oil change. Use 40mls per litre in bearing grease, pump oil, etc.

M10 will reduce: friction, metal wear, oil temperature, fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

M10 will smoothen engine operation, prolong oil life, increase power output and resist corrosion.

M10 is ideal for use in machine shops and will considerably extend the life of cutting tools by reducing the tool temperatures.

Used in conjuction with the F10 Fuel Treatment. Both products work together to significantly reduce engine wear and prolong engine life.

Adding M10 to the engine oil offers a noticeably quieter and smoother operating engine. Less friction even with high grade engine oils gives the user added protection against cold starts.

Once you try the M10 you will want to use it every time you change your oil, and give your engine the longest possible working life.