Abamectin 5LT

Active ingredient: 18 g/L abamectin

Formulation: Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC)

Active against: Two spotted mite, Tomato russet mite (tomato), Tobacco leafminer (tomato), Native budworm (cotton), European red mite (pears, apples), Brown citrus rust mite (citrus), Citrus rust mite (citrus), Broad mite (citrus)

Crops: Cotton, pears, apples, citrus, hops, tomatoes, strawberries, ornamentals


Chemtura Abamectin is an insecticide/miticide for the effective control of pest mites on pears, apples, tomatoes, citrus, hops, strawberries & ornaments and the control of pest mites and native budworm in cotton.

Key benefits of Chemtura Abamectin:

•Residual control of mites

•Movement of chemical through the leaf giving better coverage

•Broad range of mites controlled