Hydrocop 1KG

Hydrocop WG


Features & Benefits:

  • Cost effective AND high quality fungal disease & bacteria control, over an extensive range of fruit, vegetable, tree & nut crops.
  • Granular / dry-flowable formulation = less dust
  • Contains no dyes: which result in a clean, un-coloured crop.
  • Reduced rates: optimising disease control with reduced rates of copper in the soil.
  • Less Handling: the concentrated formulation (at 500g / kg active) makes life easier for growers as there is less handling per vat / hectare sprayed.
  • Small particle size: leading to better coverage on the plant surface. Small particle size also results in excellent suspension characteristics.
  • Minimal heavy metal impurities: well below the standards set by the World Health Organisation, which is in keeping with our company philosophy of supplying “clean” products.
  • OH&S Friendly: pack sizes are well below the recommended 18kg maximum weight. Available pack sizes = 1kg and 10kg