Jaguar 20LT

Jaguar® Selective Herbicide

Control of broadleaf weeds in cereals, vineyards and some improved pastures. Highly effective in the management of wild radish and many broadleaf weeds.Jaguar can contribute significantly to the production of high-yielding cereal crops, and dynamic clover or lucerne pastures, by removing early weed competition during the critical early weeks of crop life. Jaguar forms a continuous product layer on the soil surface some providing residual control of subsequent germinations of wild radish. Jaguar is a member of the nitrile and nicotinanilide groups of herbicides (Group C and Group F). The active ingredients bromoxynil and diflufenican inhibit photosynthesis at photosystem II and carotenoid biosynthesis.

Product Type Herbicide
Active Ingredient(s) 250 g/L bromoxynil
25 g/L diflufenican

Formulation Type Emulsifiable concentrate

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