Kendocide 5LT


Area Treated: Apply 1L of prepared solution to each 5 square meters of affected lawn.

Diseases Controlled: Algae, Moss, Liverwort and use as a disinfectant

Contains: Dichlorophen

Where to use: To remove algae and moss in a variety of situations. Used to disenfect pruning equipment. Control of liverwort.

When to use: When algae and moss affect the areas to be treated. Refer to the product directon for use.

Use rate: Use as per label instructions. Moss in lawn 25ml/5L water

Useful Tips: For heavy infestations on pathways, brushing with a stiff broom before solution dries will assist penetration. Suitable in glass house, lawns, tennis courts, bowling greens (synthetic and natural), paths, tiles, pot plants and seedlings boxes.

Restrictions: Dangerous to fish, do not contaminate rivers, ponds and streams with waste chemical.

Main Usage Period: All year round