Legend 1LT


What is it?

LEGEND* 250 SC is a rainfast, surface mobile, protectant fungicide developed by Dow

AgroSciences for the exclusive control of powdery mildew pathogens in various crops.

LEGEND* 250 SC contains

quinoxyfen which is from a new chemical class, the


stages (germination and/or appressorium formation) in powdery mildew pathogens and

differ from other mildewicides in this respect.

. Quinoxyfen has been shown to interfere with pre-infection developmental

What does it do?

LEGEND* 250 SC is a protectant fungicide for the exclusive control of powdery mildew

of various crops such as

Erysiphe graminis spp (Cereals), E. betae (Sugar beet),

E. cichoraccearum

and Sphaerotheca fuliginea (Melons, Squashes), Leveillula taurica

(Peppers & Tamatoes),

Oidium tuckeri (Grapes), Sphaerotheca pannosa (Peaches) and

S. macularis

Quinoxyfen interferes with pre-infection development stages of the fungus by

suppressing germination of spores, early germ tube development and/or formation of

appressoria and haustoria.

Quinoxyfen binds in particular to lipophilic surfaces such as the cuticular waxy layers of

leaves, shoots and fruit. It is rain fast within one hour after application. Redistribution of

quinoxyfen occurs primarily through local vapour movement (slow release of quinoxyfen

vapour) and its rapid re-absorption by adjacent plant tissue, which enable the active

ingredient to re-distribute over the plant surface, which is described as

Vapour activity is very consistent and indicated clear dose response.

LEGEND* 250 SC is rated as “low risk” for resistance and have a very favourable

toxicological and environmental profile and fits very well into IPM programmes.

See label for registration status.

(Strawberries, Hops).surface-mobile.

How and When to Apply:

LEGEND* 250 SC can be applied at any stage of crop development providing that it is

used in a preventative programme. LEGENDE* 250 SC has no, or poor curative action

on powdery mildew and should therefore not be used on established disease. Due to

the specific mode of action and the way the quinoxyfen is absorbed, emitted, diffused

and re-absorbed to the cuticular waxy layers or leaves, shoots and berries, the long

lasting effect of LEGENDE* 250 SC provides outstanding protection of susceptible plant

parts such as shoots, leaves and fruit. To keep the quinoxyfen on the plant surface at

an effective level, 2 to 3 applications should preferably be applied in a block of

consecutive sprays with 10 – 14 day intervals.

LEGEND* 250 SC should preferably be applied in high volume application. Where

deemed necessary, the rate/ha for low volume application should be based on the high

volume requirement for every particular crop at a given stage.

As a resistant strategy LEGEND* 250 SC should not be used in more than 3 sprays per

season per crop. Alternate with fungicides from different chemistry (different mode of



label for more information and warnings)