Lorsban 1LT,5LT,20LT

Lorsban 500EC Insecticide contains the active ingredient chlorpyrifos, which has activity in insect systems. Chlorpyrifos is an anticholinesterase compound and it belongs to a group of insecticidal chemicals called the organophosphates.

Active Ingredient: chlorpyrifos
Formulation: 500g/L emulsifiable concentrate
Insecticide Group: Group 1B (organophosphate)
Crops: Winter cereals, annual and perennial pastures, oilseeds, lupins and other pulse crops, temperate and sub-tropical tree crops, grapevines and vegetables
Target Pests: Extensive range of foliar & fruit feeding and soil dwelling insects
Packaging: 1, 5, 20 Litres

Product Features


  • The original chlorpyrifos from the original developer – proven product quality and results – continued product support and further development
  • Broadest spectrum organophosphate insecticide available – usage permissible in a variety of crops to control an extensive range of insects

Lorsban 500EC may be applied to many crops to control a wide array of chewing and sucking pests. Application rates and methods vary depending upon the crop and pest complex. Methods of application include:

  • pre-plant soil incorporation
  • banding in a cereal-based bait
  • dormant sprays with oil
  • foliar sprays during the active growth of the crop.