Omite 5LT

Active ingredient: 570 g/L propargite

Formulation: Emulsion in Water (EW)

Active against: European red mite, Two-spotted mite

Crops: Apples, Stone fruit

Omite® 570EW Liquid Miticide is the new, liquid formulation of the proven miticide Omite® 300W.

Omite 570EW is registered as a selective miticide for the control of Two-spotted mites and European red mites on apples and stone fruit.

Key benefits of Omite 570EW:

•Specifically targets plant feeding mites

•Excellent resistant management plan as it controls mites resistant to other miticides

•Gentle on beneficial insects and mite predators

•Omite is not systemic in action, therefore coverage of both upper and lower leaf surfaces is required