Pyrethrum Insect Killer 1LT,5LT

Area Treated: 100ml makes upto 100L water                

Contains: Pyrethrins 13.0g/L    

Where to use: Is a quick acting liquid insecticide especially suited for control of insect pests of vegetables, ornamentals and exotic crops   

When to use: Apply Pyrethrum preferably on appearance of larvae to minimize crop damage. Pyrethrum should be applied at 5-7 day intervals during the growth of the crop. The spraying interval should be shortened during periods of peak insect pressure.   

Use Rate: Mix 30ml per 5L water    

Useful Tips: Shake the container well before use. Ensure thorough spray coverage to avoid excess spray run-off. For knapsack application mix 30ml of Pyrethrum per 5 litres of water. Pyrethrum is compatible with Triforine Rose Fungicide.   

Restrictions: Observe normal storage and disposal instructions.   

Main Usage Period: Spring/Autumn