Success-2 1LT,5LT,10LT


Success2 Naturalyte Insect Control contains the active constituent spinosad – a new class of naturally produced metabolites from living organisms that provide excellent control of target pests, environmental compatibility, with low human risk.

Active Ingredient: spinosad
Formulation: 240 g/L suspension concentrate
Insecticide Group: Group 5 (spinosyns)
Crops: Vegetables, Tree and Vine Crops, Herbs, Ornamentals, Forestry and others
Target Pests: Lepidoptera (Heliothis, Diamondback moth, Lightbrown apple moth), Cherry slug, Western flower thrip
Packaging: 1, 5 & 10 litres

Product Features


  • Unique mode of action – controls insect populations resistant to other chemicals, can form part of an effective insect resistance management programme
  • Target specific activity – safe to beneficial insects and mites, ideally suited for use in IPM programmes
  • Short withholding periods – Allows growers to control pests throughout critical periods during the season
  • Favourable toxicology profile – large margin of operator, consumer and environmental safety