Success Neo 1LT,5LT

Success NEO Insecticide contains a new active ingredient, spinetoram, derived from the metabolite of a naturally occurring soil bacterium. 

Active Ingredient: Spinetoram
Formulation: 120 g/L suspension concentrate
Mode of Action (MoA) group: Group 5 (Spinosyns)
Crops: Vegetables, herbs, grapes, citrus, ornamentals, forestry and more
Target Pests: Caterpillar pests (Heliothis, Diamondback moth, Lightbrown apple moth and many more), western flower thrips
Packaging: 1, 5 & 10 litres

Product Features


  • Unique mode of action – controls insects which are resistant to other chemicals, an integral part of any insect resistance management programme.
  • Target-specific activity – safe to most beneficial insects and predatory mites and ideally suited to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programmes.
  • Short withholding periods – allows growers to control pests throughout critical periods during the season
  • Favourable toxicology profile – large margin of safety for users, consumers and the envirnoment