Sulphur WG Chemtura 15KG

Active ingredient: 800 g/kg sulphur (S)

Formulation: Wettable Granule (WG)

Active against: Powdery mildew, Mites, various rusts, Black spot (pome fruit), Brown rot (stone fruit), Blossom blight (stone fruit), Melanose (citrus), White louse scale (citrus)

Crops: citrus, grapes, kiwifruit, mangosteens, stonefruit (except apricots), pomefruit, rambutans, vegetables (not cucumbers & rockmelons), ornamentals, strawberries, tomatoes

Chemtura Sulphur is a fungicide and miticide for the effective control of selected mites and fungal diseases in various horticultural crops and White Louse Scale (Unaspis citri) in citrus.

Key benefits of Chemtura Sulphur:

  • Multi-site activity on fungi
  • No pre-mixing required
  • Can be tank mixed with numerous other chemicals
  • Preventative treatment