Talon Blocks 1kg, 2.4kg, 10kg

TALON is a highly palatable, effective and trusted rodenticide.

TALON works fast for domestic control and is dependable for commercial jobs.

TALON comes in a choice of formulations – wax blocks that are moisture and weather resistant and cereal based medium sized pellets which replicate the preferred food for most species.

TALON – key features: • Kills rats and mice with a single feed • Highly attractive to rodents • Less bait required, therefore very cost effective • Clean and easy to use • Kills rodents that are resistant to other rodenticides. Formulation design TALON contains a human taste deterrent (bittering agent) and in the case of accidental ingestion the antidote vitamin K1 is readily available. There is minimal risk to non-target animals and humans when placed in inaccessible areas as directed on the label. How to use TALON TALON can be used both indoors and outdoors. Place baits where rodent activity is noticed and secure baits away from children and companion animals. Rodents may feed for up to three days but the first feed is lethal and death will normally occur 4-7 days after bait consumption. Monitor baits weekly and replenish as necessary. Remove baits after 3 weeks (sufficient time to control rodent infestation). Don’t place dead rodents in weekly refuse collection – burn or bury them. Mice • Lethal dose for mice is about 0.2 grams of TALON • Mice consume approximately 1.3 grams per feeding site (bait station) • Mice require several bait feeding locations • Mice usually don’t travel more than 6 metres from nests • Place baits for mice at intervals of 2 to 3 metres. Rats • Lethal dose for rats is approximately 1.3 grams of TALON • Rats consume approximately 4 to 6 grams per feeding site (bait station) • Rats prefer to eat at fewer feeding sites than mice • Place baits for rats 5 to 9 metres apart.


For more information: http://www3.syngenta.com/country/au/SiteCollectionDocuments/Pest/Talon%20Rodenticide%20Range%20Flyer.pdf