Tigrex 5LT,20LT

Tigrex® Selective Herbicide

Tigrex provides control of wild radish and other broadleaf weeds in wheat, barley, oats, triticale, cereal rye and clover pastures.Tigrex is renowned for its activity against wild radish in cereal crops. As well as unprecedented knockdown, it provides residual radish control that few products can match. Tigrex forms a continuous, stable product layer on the soil surface which provides control of germinating radish plants. Tigrex also controls a range of other brassica and non-brassica weeds – many of them notoriously hard to kill. It is a very flexible herbicide with proven reliability that is extremely cost-effective. As a tank mix product, Tigrex is compatible with a number of grass and broadleaf weed herbicides, allowing one-pass weed control in many situations. The active ingredients diflufenican and MCPA provide a dual mode of action.

Product Type Herbicide
Active Ingredient(s) 25 g/L diflufenican
250 g/L MCPA (present as the iso-octyl ester)

Formulation Type Emulsifiable concentrate