Nitrophoska Special 12-5.2-14.1 + TE

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Nitrophoska® Special is a fully granulated, compound NPK fertiliser developed for the horticulture industry.

As well as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium (in the sulphate form) and sulphur, Nitrophoska Special fertiliser contains calcium, magnesium and boron.

Potassium is in the sulphate form, making Nitrophoska Special particularly suitable to chloride sensitive crops.

It is a premium product with a proven reputation for quality and consistency among horticultural growers.

This fertiliser is suitable for the full spectrum of horticultural crops including tomatoes, potatoes, cucurbits, vines, stone and pome fruit, bananas, avocadoes and macadamias, as well as ornamentals and turf.

Nitrophoska Special has been designed to deliver a uniform, free flowing fertiliser that is not prone to the segregation that sometimes occurs with blends.