Polyfeed 12-2.6-33.2 25KG

Poly-Feed ® GG

Greenhouse-grade NPK fertilizers

Poly-Feed GG is a range of rich, balanced fertilizers for soil and soilless greenhouse crops, suitable for NutrigationTM with water of varied quality and for foliar application.

All the formulae are enriched with high concentrations of micronutrients.

The Granular Matrix Technology (GMT) grants Poly-Feed GG products with improved handling and storage properties.

Poly-Feed GG is easily identified by the red color of both the bag and the product.

The advantages of Poly-Feed GG

-Fully water-soluble

-Made of high quality ingredients

-Consists of 100% plant nutrients

-Virtually free of chloride, sodium and other detrimental elements for plants

-Provides balanced, complete plant nutrition

-Available in a wide range of formulae