Seniphos 10LT,210LT


Foliar – Phosphorus (P) – Seniphos

310 grammes/litre P2O5 (23.6% w/w)
40 grammes/litre Calcium (3% w/w)

Product Features And Benefits
One of the “Phos range” of concentrated liquid foliar phosphates from Yara.

Seniphos also contains calcium making it the normal choice for application to fruit crops.

Seniphos is much more effective than either ammonium or potassium based products which can either cause fruit damage or induce calcium related disorders (bitter pit, fruit softening, etc).

Trials have consistently shown Seniphos to be safe and effective at raising fruit phosphorus levels, giving improved quality (firmness, storability, etc) and returns to growers.

In many countries it has become an industry “benchmark”. Widely tank mixable, Seniphos can be co-applied with many agrochemicals, allowing easy integration into crop protection programmes and removing the need for specific spray operations saving time and money. Visit for more information.