The Super Phos range of locally developed topdressing fertilisers is ideal for WA pastures. These products contain phosphorus, sulphur and calcium, and comprise a variety of granule sizes for improved nutrient distribution. Our Super Phos fertilisers can help you increase your pasture and animal production, and improve following crop performance.

Typical Analysis (w/w%) 
Phospourus 9.1
Potassium 10.5
Calcium 20.0  


•Sulphur in sulphate form in every particle
•Manufactured with phosphorus, sulphur and calcium in every granule
•Contains 11 per cent sulphur in the plant-available sulphate form
•Contains phosphorus to sulfur in a ratio of approximately 1:1 and phosphorus to calcium in a ratio of 1:2
•Ideal ratio of phosphorus, sulphur and calcium for pasture and livestock production
•Provides excellent distribution of nutrients for pasture legumes
•Variable particle sizing suitable for application by spreaders
•Legumes require an abundant supply of available sulphur for protein formation and nitrogen fixation
•Plants have access to all nutrients simultaneously, improving utilisation of essential nutrients
•Enhanced legume content and production increases the level of nitrogen in the soil, benefiting subsequent cropping rotations
•Supplies three of the essential nutrients required for optimum legume production
•Increase early pasture production and reduce the need for handfeeding
•Super Phos maximises pasture and wool production by reducing the potential for sulphur deficiency
•Increase the palatability of winter and summer feed
•Improve your cropping profitability
•Improve your pasture production and livestock profitability