Agri-SC 4LT

A simple, effective and easy to apply formulation, for the treatment of compaction, crusting and poor drainage in soils.

Agri-SC is a commercial anionic, soil-amending agent that effects changes in the surface tension of the hygroscopic (bound) water in the soil.

Agri-SC functions through a mechanism involving several stages. Upon application, the charged polymer molecules are electrostatically attracted to clay or silt particles and their attached ions. The polymer strings link individual particles and increases internal aggregate stability.

Agri-SC® offers the following benefits:

  • Improved soil structure- reduced surface crusting, reduced soil compaction, improved root penetration;

  • Improved results of liming or gypsum;

  • Improved aeration;

  • Reduced soil erosion;

  • Reduced fuel consumption- easier cultivation and harvesting;

  • Improved nutrient availability;

  • Reduced nutrient loss from surface;

  • Increased water infiltration (and drainage) and retention; and

  • Low dose rate 300 – 600 mL/ha

Agri-SC is available in 4L containers