EarthWay 2050P Deluxe Broadcast Spreader


Do you have a medium or large lawn with bumps and hills? Then the 2050P Estate Broadcast spreader is the answer. The EarthWay exclusive EV-N-SPRED® 3-Hole Drop Shut-Off System and heavy-duty gearbox ensures an even application of all granular materials with professional results. The fingertip rate control provides easy control and balance of material application unmatched in the industry. The rustproof 80lb/36kg capacity hopper and 10” pneumatic stud type tires bring capacity and smooth operation to the homeowner. Fully assembled, with a folding handle, the 2050P will be ready to go from box to lawn in seconds and stores easily. A Rate Calculation Matrix is included to assist is setting for all of today’s granular products including organic materials The 2050P is perfect choice for today’s lawn enthusiast, but don’t lend this tool out as you may never get it back!


  • 36kg Hooper capacity – rustproof poly construction
  • EV-N-SPRED 3 Hole Drop Shut-off system
  • 45kg load bearing capacity
  • 10″ / 25cm high-floatation pneumatic tires on rustproof poly rims
  • Epoxy Powder coated chassis
  • Heavy duty high speed gearbox
  • Fully assembled
  • Rate calculation matrix included