EarthWay S15 Spray Pro 22l

The S15 is fully assembled ground driven push sprayer that will take the workout of spraying your lawn, driveway , paths and garden. It has a spray width of 0.6m-1.5m, the S15 will make quick work when spraying herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or fertalisers. THe adjustable nozzle will reduce the spray with for narrow banding operations or increase application rates. The standard 2 mode valve allows for either transport or spray and is situated high on the handle. While in transport mode the S15pump continues to operate agitating the material in the tank for a desired mixture. Designed for the occasional use of the homeowner, the S15 is a high performance sprayer that will give excellent results. When you need to apply a liquid in any season for any reason, the S15 is there to help put an end to the work.