The 404 is the smallest and most dynamic of the BCS disc mowers. Designed to be used on low powered tractors is identified by extreme lightness and quick adaptability to the means to which it is entrusted.

The single frame is compact and has been designed with a third special point incorporated, the whole permitting the machine’s overhang to be limited to the minimum once fitted to the tractor, optimising weight distribution in the combination. The hydraulic lifting, supplied as standard, allows the operator to direct the cutting bar while staying comfortably seated on the tractor. A single effect distributor is needed to operate it. Bar excursion is 90° upwards and 35° downwards. A spring linkage regulates the round pressure of the cutting bar.

The four discs of the 404 are supported by eight small helical cutting blades. Two cones located on the first and last disc act as conveyors of the forage facilitation formation of the pathway.