Cobram 50 AR


Cobram 50 AR are isodiametric drive tractors made with a central articulation, available in mono-directional or reversible version.

Extremely compact with a low profile, they have been studied in detail for specific use in vineyards, orchards, greenhouses or, in general, for specialised crops where the tractor’s structural characteristics are of fundamental importance in allowing work to be done in a practical way.

The excellent steering radius and indisputable quality of its engines, the constant drive that optimises the power that is transmitted to the wheels and a compact and secure alignment, allow these machines to be used on every type of terrain in the widest range of cultivations. All of this ensures that Cobram 50 AR range tractors provide performances at the top of their category, along with excellent levels of productivity and low operating costs.


The Cobram 50 is equipped with a 4-cylinder LOMBARDINI engine that produces 46 Hp at 2800 rpm. Liquid-cooled, this engine delivers high power with very high driving torque at low engine speeds.

Sturdy and reliable with low fuel consumption, they also benefit from low maintenance costs and readily available replacement parts.



Cobram 50 tractors use a 24-speed gear: 12 AV and 12 RM with synchronised reverser. With completely synchronised ratios, the gear has a perfect progression for all the speeds with optimal increase from one to gear to another.

The clutch features multi-disk brakes with oil bath lubrication and mechanical control for smooth, progressive engagement. Installed in the centre of the tractor, it reduces engine overhang restricting the space occupied.

The body’s internal transmission gives an optimal view of the ground and a very low centre of gravity. These qualities together with the constant 4-wheel drive, allow it to move easily over slopes as well as the most uneven terrains. The front and rear differentials with electro-hydraulic controlled blocking for the reversible version, or mechanical for the mono-directional version, ensure maximum traction for the tractor.


Cobram 50 tractors are available in both a Mono-directional as well as Reversible version with the possibility of rotating the driving seat (seat-steering wheel-dashboard) in seconds without undoing any connections.

The driving station is made-to-measure for the driver: the controls are positioned ergonomically and intuitively and the steering column, as well as the seat, can be adjusted according to the operator’s build.

Despite its compact size, the Cobram can be outfitted with high quality cabs that are an excellent working environment in terms of safety, cleanliness and comfort. Its wide doors allow easy access while its glass surfaces optimise the visual field in all directions.

Hydraulic System

The Cobram 50 has dual hydraulic circuits with two pumps that permit the use of up to 6 hydraulic connections. These provide an excellent power transmission to a full range of equipment.

The hydraulic rear lift is a double jack unit with a 3-point hitch Category 1. Supported by the hydraulic system, on request, they can be provided with draft and position control.

The draft, in association with the easy way to use the machine and the excellence of the performance, gives to Cobram 50 high productivity, typical feature of the conventional tractors.