Geomais Sprayer


Caffini Sprayer

Geomais 800 – 1000 L


“Geomais” has been conceived from Caffini S.p.A., leader in the production of mist-blower sprayer with high performances, to solve the problems connected with treatments on wheat. Based on our large experience we have projected the “Geomais”, a final answer to this problem. We have equipped our sprayer with a special gun with high delivery, the cannon is adjustable hydraulically in height and horizontally, to obtain an excellent weeding treatment on target saving time and chemical products. This is possible with the big volume of air produced by the turbine that allows a good penetration in the vegetation.

Depl. GEOMAIS - 04.05

  1. Hot galvanized frame and turbine unit.
  2. Double centrifugal turbine with integrated clutch.
  3. Telescopic cannon, revolving with hydraulic controls.
  4. Orientable diffusers for treatments on the 1st part of the cultivation, close to the tractor.
  5. Main tank of 800 – 1000 L.
  6. Clean washing tank of 80 L.
  7. Distributor on the tractor for adjustable pressure and controls.

Depl. GEOMAIS - 04.05

Depl. GEOMAIS - 04.05