ITS Trailed Spreader

ITS Series

The ITS Trailed spreader is available in a Poly or Stainless Steel hopper. Both units have stainless steel distributor plate & spinner disc. The spinner vanes are adjustable to vary the spreading widths.

The Distributor plate is adjustable to offer 3 spreading patterns: uniform spread, spread to the left or right hand sides only.

Standard Features

  • 180 & 300 litre Polly hoppers.
  • 300 litre Stainless steel hopper.
  • Single lever rate control.
  • Ground drive from wheels.
  • Spreading width adjustable.
  • Single stainless steel spinning disc.
Code Capacity Spreading Width
ITS-180P 180 Litre 2-12 m
ITS-300P 300 Litre 2-12 m
ITS-300S 300 Litre 2-12 m