JJ Broch Garlic Cutter Harvester

Garlic Cutter Harvester

ARCO-Harvester-1 ARCO-Harvester-2-294x198

Standard Specifications

  • 3 point linkage Cat 2
  • Driven by PTO shaft & hydraulic pump
  • Independent hydraulic adjustment of harvesting lines
  • Hydraulic adjustment of share depth
  • Garlic bulbs pulled & lifted up by belts
  • Cleaning of garlic bulbs by vibration system
  • Adjustment height of cutting of leaves (ARCO 1&2)
  • Unloading by rubber rods belt conveyor
  • Non stop system: Harvesting – cutting – bagging
  • Operated by one operator

Specifications for ARCO3 – ARCO4

  • Steered axle
  • Electrical control box
  • Unloading side belt instead of big bag
  • Unloading in container instead of big bag

ARCO-unloading-side-belt    ARCO-unloading-option

Unloading side belt               Unloading in container