The Ma.Tra 205 is studied and conceived for the most demanding professional who has to satisfy works such as maintenance of green areas or urban zones: in fact it can be used as snow thrower, leaf collector, or heavy duty flail mower for ‘clearing’ uncultivated grounds.

The Ma.Tra 205 has a 3 cylinders diesel Lombardini 26,5 hp motor and a hydrostatic transmission. This transmission is operated by two pedals and the forward speed ranges are two: slow for work and quick for transfer.

The compact dimensions of the Ma.Tra 205 and the hydrostatic steering allow them to work fast and efficiently on any kind of ground and permit minimum turning radius. Differential with pedal-operated lock ensures constant traction on all types of surfaces and allows the machine to go over obstacles such as sidewalks and curbs.

The collection bin is hydraulically tipped and can be raised to a height of 190 cm for unloading and an audible warning signal advises the operator when the bin is full.

The Driver

The driving position has been designed and build to enable the operator to work in optimal conditions with minimum fatigue.

The control panel, the instruments and all the controls are positioned ergonomically for easier operation and increased safety.

The cabs with ventilation and heating have been meticulously studied to guarantee the maximum comfort with the most pleasant living conditions. Safety devices, created in order to protect the operator and those in the operating range of the machines, make the Ma.Tra 205 a unique and outstanding maintenance tractor.

Cutting Decks