There is something new in the air, well actually on the ground – the Ma.Tra 300 maintenance tractor. This multi-purpose tractor can be used as a lawn mower and also for many other urban maintenance jobs in towns and in green areas. Just attach one of the various implements and get to work.

The machine is rugged and durable due to its steel structure and the careful selection of components, which also reduce the maintenance intervals.

The Ma.Tra 300 has a 3 cylinders diesel Yanmar 24,9 hp motor and a hydrostatic transmission. This transmission is operated by two pedals and the forward speed ranges are two: slow for work and quick for transfer.

Safety devices, created in order to protect the operator and those in the operating range of the machines, make the Ma.Tra a unique and outstanding maintenance tractor.


The hydrostatic transmission is operated by two pedals and reacts promptly to the operator so that he can work quickly and easily under all conditions. There are two forward speed ranges (slow for work and quick for transfer).

The double traction is ideal for steep or uneven terrain. It adheres to the ground and does not lose traction even in the most difficult situations letting the operator concentrate on his work and do so in complete safety.

The central or “third” differential assures that none of the wheels will be blocked even when going backwards which we refer to as “Anti-Scalp”. Blockage of the rear wheels when going backward, which is common for competing machines, results in damage or “scalping of the lawn”.


The operator’s comfort is of fundamental importance for a machine like the Ma.Tra 300, which is used for many hours without a pause. Special attention has been given to the ergonomics of the controls and the driver’s position.

The driving seat with spring suspension, arms and high back is comfortable and easy to adjust. The inclination of the steering column can be adjusted as can the height of the steering wheel so that every operator can find the right position regardless of his body structure.

The cabs with ventilation and heating have been meticulously studied to guarantee the maximum comfort with the most pleasant living conditions. The design of the vehicle and the power assisted steering make it easy to handle and let the operator do the most difficult jobs without stress and strain.

The instruments are clear and rationally positioned at the centre of the control panel for easy reference.

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