Salf Vineyard/Orchard Mower


DER/N Series

DER/N is a powerful mower equipped with two direct rotors having a cutting speed from 4 to 10 Km/h. Suitable for vineyards and orchards, it also gives excellent performance in sports grounds, airports, as well as in public parks and gardens.

Reduced maintenance: no greasing points, no belts. It can also carry out the mulching among the trees and combined with hydraulic cutting wheel, it works perfectly in mowing the grass between the rows. The machine is semi-mounted by means of three point lift of the tractor. The linkage is equipped with hydraulic side shift.

Standard Equipment:

  • Moving Blades
  • Manual offset movement
  • Rear roller 152mm Dia, height adjustable.
  • 2 Front wheels, height adjustable
  • PTO shaft with Safety clutch
  • Protection “CE”