Tag O 3PL Sprayer

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Tag O 3PL Mounted Sprayers


The new series of tractor-mounted sprayers Tag “O” is the fruit of 20 years of experience of the firm Caffini in the sprayers. Comfort and security for the operator and respect of the environment, respecting the CE norms. Extremely compact and at the same time flexible to be used with different booms lenght, hose reels and other accessories. The strong frame is hot galvanized to resist against the chemical products.The capacity of the main tank has been increased of the 10 %. Integrated in the main tank, the hand washing tank and clean water tank with a pratical 3 ways selector.


Tractor-Mounted Sprayers TAG “O”
1.    Hand washing tank 15 lt.
2.    Cover hand washing tank.
3.    Cover clean washing tank.
4.    Clean washing tank.
5.    Distributor.
6.    Screw cover.
7.    Standard strainer.
8.    Hot galvanized frame.
9.    Suction filter with on-off valve.
10.   3 ways valve: for weeding or tank cleaning.
11.   Security valve for tank emptying


Professional hose reel.

Mechanical boom sprayers available sizes: 6-8-10-12m