Performance, overall dimensions, manoeuvrability, comfort and safety: these are the features and the qualities that FERRARI technicians developed scrupulously for the Thor range tractors, qualities that really make the difference between a specialized FERRARI tractor and an ordinary tractor.

Thor AR are reversible isodiametric tractors with central articulation and they are available in the monodirectional or reversible versions. They are essential in a specialist agriculture, which is constantly looking for new solutions. The compact dimensions and the reduced turning circle make the Thor AR an irreplaceable machine, able to perform all the tasks it was designed for in the best possible way.

The width of just 106 centimetres and the wheelbase of under 145 centimetres, make this tractor the best in the category. The new transmission is integrated with the OS-Frame: one shaft and one central joint guarantee high transmission power to the wheels and power take-off, for maximum reliability.


Three VM engines for the Thor EP series, able to get the power out of every drop of fuel.

VM D753 IE32.2 litre, in-line 3-cylinder turbo diesel. Producing 70 HP at 2.300 rpm thanks to the intercooler.

VM D754 TE33 litre, in-line 4 cylinder, turbo diesel. Developing 79 HP at 2.300 rpm.

VM D754 IE33 litre, in-line 4 cylinder, turbo diesel. Producing 91 HP at 2.300 rpm thanks to the intercooler.

For these models, VM has developed the new EGR System placed inside the engine. The system recycles the exhaust gases which, opportunely mixed, return to the combustion chamber, drastically reducing the emissions of nitrogen oxide (NOx) and fuel consumption. –remove this entire line and replace with the decoded


Max revs were kept to 2.300 rpm to reduce fuel consumption, noise and vibrations for fuel savings and greater comfort. Full power remains unchanged in any case: in fact, all the engines produce their peak torque between 1.000 and 1.800 rpm.



The performance of an engine would be nothing without the best transmission. The new Sincro 32-speed transmission (16 AV + 16 RM) with synchronized reverser and helical gears offers the very best performance, improving the comfort and drivability of the vehicles.

The logical sequence of the gears, without overlaps throughout the range, lets you select just the right gear for any particular situation for a more rational use of the vehicle, saving fuel and letting the engine work in its optimal range.


The four-wheel drive allows you to move rationally both on steep slopes and on uneven terrains. The electro-hydraulically controlled front and rear differentials always ensure the maximum traction to the tractors.


The new transmission comes with the OS-Frame which, with one single transmission shaft and one central joint, guarantees the maximum mechanical performance. The joint in the middle of the vehicles lets the front axle oscillate by up to 15° with respect to the rear, for excellent stability on slopes.


The LONG-LIFE clutch is a multiple disc hydraulic clutch running in an oil bath. This, as well as improving the reliability, allows reducing the projecting part of the engine and reducing the length of the machines.


The multiple disc brakes running in an oil bath guarantee perfect adherence to the ground, for safe braking in any conditions.


The driver’s environment on the Thor combines comfort, ergonomic qualities, functionality and safety in an absolutely original way. The driving seat and controls are made-to-measure for the driver: the controls are positioned ergonomically and intuitively and the steering column, as well as the comfortable seat, can be adjusted according to the build of the operator.

In addition, in the reversible version of the Thor, the driving module (seat steering-wheel-dashboard) rotates in only 5 seconds practically and safely without any disconnections. The exclusive cabs have been made with attention to every detail, to guarantee the maximum comfort with the most pleasant living conditions.

The large windows, as well as making access to the driving position easier, ensure excellent lateral and rear visibility. Air-conditioning and heating are guaranteed by an efficient system which, together with the total sound-proofing of the cab, contributes to creating an excellent working environment.

Hydraulic System

In a specialized tractor, the performance of the hydraulics is fundamental. The Thor has a double hydraulic circuit with independent pumps and a heat exchanger: the serial hydraulic pump has a flow rate of 31 lt/min. like the service one.

There are 5 standard rear distributors to connect equipment that requires high-capacity hydraulic supply, often used in vineyard cultivations.

The Thor tractors are often used with tools on the lift with normal or quick-fit linkages, suitable for all kinds of equipment on the market. Supported by the hydraulic system, on request the tractors can be fitted with a controlled force and position system.

The Thor can also be equipped with a practical front lift, essential for combined use, supplied with four hydraulic outlets.

Hydraulic Systems