TMC Cancela DXP3 Series Slasher

TMC Cancela DXP3 Series Rotary Cutter (Slasher)



The TMC Cancela DX Series Rotary Cutters are machines belonging to the professional line aimed to cleaning up green pasts and large areas.

They are characterized by their versatility and robustness ensuring an excellent cutting thanks to its wide range of configurations.

It’s design ensures low pawer and fuel consumption thanks to the Flow Up Cut System.

In all models are included TMC Cancela’s technological advances, seeking the excellence of the final product.




– 3 Separate bodies (1 central & 2 hydraulic foldable sideways)
– Front and rear chain curtains for protection
– Coupling to tractor Cat 2
– Adjustable height skids with ware resistant steel plate
– 360o swinging metallic wheels with independent shock absorbers

– System for guiding the cutted brush on the bottom face
– 3 point linkage made of folded steel sheet
– Hydraulic hoses with external cover against scratches
– 3 Flow Up Rotors (Flow Up System) with 2 blades with lift flaps (2pc/rotor)

– Blades assembled to rotor with protective bushings and bolts
– PTO shaft with clutch (1”3/4 Z20) 540rpm