TMC Cancela – TOS Mulcher


The TOS patented mulcher is an evolution of TMC Cancela’s range of agricultural mulchers with feeders, achieving a faster working speed, thus increasing efficiency. The TOS is specially designed as an orchard mulcher for mulching pruning trimmings in crops such as olives, fruit trees and even tree farms. The TOS range consists of 3 models with cutting widths of 1.5m, 1.8m and 2.1m with all running 200hp double free wheel gearboxes. The TOS has a rotor with fixed hammers and hydraulic drive double pick-up feeder to comb the ground and send branches to the mulching cavity which is all part of the patented mulching system. The TOS also has 3 point linkage that can be reversed to mount on front 3 point linkage or a reverse drive tractor, a trailed version is also available.

Technical Features •

  • Hydraulic double pick-up feeder for branches with revolution control. •
  • Rotor with fixed hammers. •
  • 360º rotating pneumatic semi-solid wheels. •
  • Rotor with hammers supported on self-aligning bearings. •
  • Removable cover to access the rotor. •
  • Roller for perfect adaptation to terrain (extra). •
  • Power input 540 rpm and 1000 rpm. • No. of belts = 6. •
  • Patented. New shredding system. •
  • Total width = Working width + 40 cm. •
  • Anti-corrosive treatment and electrostatic double layer paint.

Options •

  • 360º rotating pneumatic wheels.