Valiant are isodiametric drive tractors, available in mono-directional or reversible version.

Valiant AR, with central articulation, are considered the version of reference for the specialized sector and above all have to satisfy the standards dictated by the particular type of use and in particular, be compatible with the environment in which they are used.

The compact dimensions and the reduced turning radius make the Valiant AR an irreplaceable machine, able to perform all the tasks it was designed for in the best possible way.

The width is limited to less than 100 centimetres and the wheelbase has been reduced to 139 centimetres.

The new transmission is integrated with the OS-Frame: one shaft and one central joint only guarantee high transmission power to the wheels and power takeoff, for maximum reliability.

The driving position, which is reversible or monodirectional, makes the Valiant AR a useful tool for farming, municipal sectors and for working in green areas.


Two VM engines for the new Valiant series, able to get the power out of every drop of fuel.

_ VM D753 E3 2.2 litre, 3 in-line cylinder, aspirated diesel engine. Developing 49 HP at 2600 rpm.

_ VM D753 TE3 2.2 litre, 3 in-line cylinder, turbo diesel engine. Developing 56 HP at 2600 rpm.

For this latest model, VM has developed the new EGR System positioned inside the engine. The system recycles the exhaust gases which, opportunely mixed, return to the combustion chamber, drastically reducing the emissions of nitrogen oxide (NOx) and fuel consumption. –remove this entire line and replace with the decoded base64 image [623_58786ec97b6ea.png]–




The synchronised 24-speed gearbox with Sincro reverser is easy to use, with precise and progressive gear changes. Designed to avoid gear overlaps in the four ranges, you will always find the right gear for every job.


The constant traction on the four wheels allows you to work safely on any type of terrain by taking full advantage of the traction and safety qualities with which the Valiant tractors have been created.


The transmission comes with the OS-Frame which, with one single transmission shaft and one central joint, guarantees the maximum mechanical performance. It is a “monolithic” structure in a single cast iron casting. The joint in the middle of the machine lets the front axle oscillate by up to 15° with respect to the rear, for excellent stability on slopes.


The LONG-LIFE clutch on the gearbox is multiple disc and runs in an oil bath, no adjustment or maintenance is required. It can be modulated and is progressive. It is inserted within the gearbox to reduce the overhang of the engine and, as a consequence, the length of the tractor.


The multiple disc brakes running in an oil bath of the very latest generation guarantee perfect adherence to the ground, for safe braking in any conditions. The parking brake has been designed with a practical and ergonomic grip making it easy to use even when the driver is using the reverse driving position.


The driver’s environment on the Valiant is one of the best in the category: it combines comfort, ergonomic qualities, functionality and safety in an absolutely original way. Maximum comfort is guaranteed by the cab driving module with the platform suspended on silent-block, which, in the Reversible version, rotates the driving seat in 5 seconds in an easy and safe way without undoing any connections.

The instrument console contains the functions in a central display with a logical layout, and guarantees excellent control of the machine. The cabs on the new Valiant have been meticulously studied to guarantee the maximum comfort with the most pleasant living conditions. Both Luxury and Comfort versions are available; the latter has air-conditioning and both have the suspension fully independent from the tractor chassis.

Visibility is guaranteed by large glazed openings, by a window in the roof of the cabin and by a 4-post structure, in alternative to the 6-post that are usually used for traditional tractor cabs. Hydraulic System In a specialized tractor, the performance of the hydraulic system is fundamental.

The system on the new Valiant is double circuit with independent pumps with an overall fl ow of 44 L/min and heat exchanger at working pressures of up to 180 bar. The hydraulic couplers, at the rear of the machines, allow the connection of equipments that require high-capacity hydraulic supply, often used in vineyard cultivations.

To control both the hydraulic system and the lifts by one device only, the new Valiant tractors can be equipped with an electrohydraulically controlled Joy-Stick, to ensure functional and safe hydraulic movement of the unit.

The rear lifts are strong and use practical and versatile multi-purpose attachments, which adapt well to all the equipment on the market. Supported by the hydraulic system, on request, they can be provided with the assistance of position and draft control.