SN-1-130 Single Line Air Seeder

One of our pneumatic seed drills



The SN-1-130 is a simple and compact air seeder model with 1 sowing row. This versatile and multipurpose machine can be fitted with as many air seeding units as needed to meet the specific customer requirements and is equipped with everything necessary to handle all the different types of vegetable seed including Onions and Tomatos. The tool bar ensures easy movement of the units to obtain the required distances between the rows.

Sowing Element

SN-1-130 element

SN-1-130 sowing element for single line sowing, featuring equalizer supported by two rubber press wheels, (other options available on request).

Seeding Disc

SN Seed rotation

Inside the seeding unit the disc turns in the opposite direction of the travel. This direction of rotation minimizes “bounce” of the seeds leading to much more accurate placement.

Drive Transmission

SN 10+10 Gearbox

A Norton gear system provides simple and fast gear change to vary seed spacing. A 10+10 gearbox is standard.

Sowing unit

SN SingulationSN Seeding HeadSN Seed Unit Gears

All sowing units are equipped with dual singulators to ensure accurate singulation and with 4 sprockets for the rotation of the disc.


SN Fan

Agricola Italiana seed drills have separate aspiration and compression system. A separate compressor is used to keep the seed holes in the discs clear, rather than relying on the exhaust of the suction fan. This ensures that only dry and clean air, at the correct pressure is used. This is particularly important with small seeds, especially if they are dressed or dusty.

Row Spacing

SN-1-130 spacing

E A B1 large B large C D
100 130 165 195 360 250×80
120 str 150 190 205 395 250×80
120 170 205 205 410 250×80
140 str 170 205 220 425 250×80
140 std 190 215 220 435 250×80
140 str 170 205 220 425 250×120
140 190 215 220 425 250×120