Stifle Spray Oil 20LT,200LT

SACOA’s STIFLE Dormant Spray Oil (STIFLE) is an emulsifiable, highly refined, agricultural spray formulated to control a variety of pests and diseases during the winter dormant period up until budburst / green tip stage.

It is a highly effective controller for a variety of pests including mites, thrips, scales and other pests on stone and pome fruit trees, grape vines and nut trees such as almonds and pecans.

STIFLE is formulated with an emulsifier which has been selected to provide effective retention on tree branches.

At the same time, it allows a fast separation of the oil from the water when applied to the trees in a fine, even, atomised spray. This then penetrates into cracks and crevices where mites and scale lay during winter.

It also ensures that a high proportion of the oil is retained on the tree. As a result, oil loss due to dripping is minimal.

Recent Australian research has shown that correct timing of spray oils applications can greatly reduce future requirements for follow up insecticide and miticide sprays.

In turn this reduces the possible contact that the applicator may have with highly toxic chemicals.

Crop Safety

Mineral based spray oils are not compatible with sulphur-based products and should not be used within 4 weeks of a sulphur spray application as crop damage may occur.

Spray Tank Cleanup

Always follow instructions on the herbicide label for decontamination of spray equipment.

For STIFLE wash out with soapy water, or 1% solution of ammonia followed by several rinses of fresh water.

Product Use

STIFLE readily mixes with emulsifiable concentrates, dry flowable and wettable granule formulation pesticides.

It doesn’t contain any ingredients that may cause nozzle or spray equipment blockages, so equipment can be cleaned after use by simply rinsing with water (refer to the tank cleanup section on product label for complete details).

When combination sprays are to be prepared, the normal concentration of the insecticide or fungicide should be mixed first as per the chemicals ‘Table for Use’ and the oil added as the last ingredient.

Mixing order for combination sprays:

  1. Half fill spray tank with water.
  2. Add water conditioner, if necessary.
  3. Under constant agitation, add pesticide or fungicide at label recommended rate.
  4. Continue to fill remainder of tank with water.
  5. Finally adding required amount of STIFLE while still agitating solution.

Mixing order for oil-water sprays:

  1. Half fill spray tank with water.
  2. Add required amount of STIFLE to tank while constantly agitating.
  3. Continue to fill remainder of tank with water.

Further points on correct product use:

  • It is important always to add the oil to the water, never in the reverse order.
  • Only clean spray tanks should be used.
  • STIFLE is a pour in type product and doesn’t need to be pre-emulsified