Farmyard Calf & Lamb Pellets 20kg


1 day-12 weeks (WA Only)


  • No Urea

  • .Vitamin & Mineral Enriched

  • .Balanced Ration

  • .Highly Digestible Protein Sources

Product Attributes

  • A high protein supplement suitable for feeding to calves and lambs from 2 days of age.
  • Contains high quality protein sources and provides essential amino acids, trace minerals and vitamins for optimum growth.
  • Contains an ionophore to control coccidiosis and improve energy conversion in the rumen.

Feeding Directions

  • This feed should be introduced during the first week of the calf being born.
  • If pellets are introduced later, then care must be taken to introduce the pellets slowly over a period of 14 – 21 days to allow for the developing rumen to adjust.
  • When the pellets are used in combination with milk or milk replacers to achieve an early weaning, calves should not be weaned from the milk source until they are consuming at least 1kg/day of pellets.
  • This ration is not designed to be fed at 100% of the animals intake.
  • Good quality roughage or pasture should also be made available at all times.
  • Ensure animals have access to clean, fresh water at all times.
  • For more information on feeding contact our Customer Service Team.