Farmyard Cattle Cubes 20kg


>200kg Complete diet


  • .Highly Palatable

  • .Vitamin & Mineral Enriched

  • .Balanced Ration
  • .Complementary Energy & Protein Sources

Product Attributes

  • This product is a complete basic ration suitable for more controlled growth rates in yearling cattle and finishing of mature cattle over 200kg liveweight.  It is also suitable for backgrounding cattle prior to introduction to feedlots or live export. When fed for up to 70 days, no additional roughage needs to be fed with this ration.  It may also be used as a starter ration for feedlot systems prior to using Farmyard Cattle Feedlot Cubes, which are recommended for quicker growth rates in feedlot systems.  Includes a fermentation modifier for improved feed conversion efficiency and to aid in the control of bloat.
  • Younger cattle should be fed Farmyard Cattle Weaner Pellets.
  • Contains as standard Rumensin® which can aid in the conversion and utilisation of energy in the rumen and to aid in the control of bloat.

Feeding Directions

  • This feed should be fed without restriction and interruption for optimum growth and feed conversion, following an introductory period.
  • Ensure animals have access to clean, fresh water at all times.
  • Total expected daily feed intake is 3% of liveweight. The recommended introduction is to feed hay to appetite prior to introducing the cubes, and continue providing unrestricted access to hay for five days after first offering the cubes. 
  • Group animals into similar weights.
  • Feed from troughs or self feeders.
  • For more information on feeding contact our Customer Service Team.

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