Farmyard Chick Starter Crumble 20kg


0-8 WeeksStarter Icon

  • No added hormones

  • .Vitamin & Mineral Enriched

  • .Balanced Ration

  • .Good Skeletal Development

Product Attributes

  • An excellent high protein feed, specially formulated to give new chicks the start they need.
  • Designed to meet the nutritional requirements of young egg laying breed chicks from day old through to 8 weeks of age.
  • Formulated to meet the young bird’s requirements for growth, bone and feather development to enable the pullet to enter the laying flock in the best possible condition to maximise future egg production.
  • Available as a crumble to reduce the potential for selective feeding and reducing dust and wastage.
  • It contains as standard a coccidiostat to help reduce the incidence of coccidiosis in the young chick.