Farmyard Pig Starter Crumble 20kg


14-28 DaysStarter Icon

  • No Added Hormones

  • .Vitamin & Mineral Enriched

  • .Balanced Ration

  • .Healthy Development

Product Attributes

  • Formulated using high quality, easily digestible ingredients and flavoured to help entice young piglets.
  • A complete feed containing all nutrients, minerals and vitamins to encourage maximum growth.
  • In recognition of the under developed digestive system of the young piglet, an acidifier and enzymes are added to improve digestion and thus growth.
  • Contains Zinc Oxide which helps in minimising scouring.

Feeding Directions

  • This feed should be offered from 14 days of age to 28 days of age (or upto 10 – 13 kgs live weight).
  • Offer small amounts of fresh feed regularly until piglets are eating it readily.
  • Continue to feed to appetite in self feeders.
  • Consumption will vary with temperature, housing, breed type and age.
  • Ensure animals have access to clean, fresh water at all times.
  • For more information on feeding directions, please contact our Customer Service Team.