Nutririce Veteran 20kg

For all retired or working horses over 15 years of age


  • Easy to chew extruded pellet for optimum digestibility
  • Rice bran oil for muscle and body condition
  • Bio-available antioxidants (Selenium and Vitamins E & C) for overall health
  • Biotin for improved hoof strength


NutriRice Veteran is an ideal feed for horses and ponies 15 years and older. It is a cool and safe feed that is based on rice bran and rice in combination with other high quality ingredients. It is fortified with vitamins and trace minerals to promote good health and longevity of aged horses. It is high in anti-oxidants including vitamin E, vitamin C and Selenium.

NutriRice Veteran is steam extruded for increased digestibility and contains a high level of biotin for good hoof strength and health. It contains added chromium yeast. Chromium has a role in the regulation of glucose metabolism.

NutriRice Veteran is formulated to be low in starch and high in fat and digestible fibre, containing a blend of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids for good skin health and a glossy coat



Rice and rice bran, bran, pollard, soybean meal, canola meal, full fat soybean meal, calcium carbonate, molasses, canola oil, salt, NutriRice trace mineral and vitamin premix for senior horses, antioxidant, Vitamin C, chromium yeast, choline chloride.