Pegasus Coolmax 25kg

Pegasus Coolmax® is a cool energy, oat-free, complete feed designed to meet the nutritional requirements of pleasure, show and sport horses and ponies


  • Supplies cool energy to maintain body condition without the heating effects of oats
  • Contains added fat for cool energy and to promote a healthy coat shine
  • Provides all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals for optimal health and fitness of horses and ponies
  • Suitable for idle and spelling horses, as well as those doing light to moderate work
  • Contains live yeast culture to enhance digestion and mineral absorption
  • Contains organic chromium to improve glucose metabolism, decrease lactic acid accumulation and reduce the severity of tying up
  • Contains high levels of magnesium to calm nervous horses
  • Contains extra calcium for high oxalate pastures eg kikuyu
  • Premium blend of quality grains and ingredients used to maximise finished feed quality and palatability
  • Pelleting improves energy utilisation from grains and reduces waste of powdered minerals and vitamins 


  • Barley, cereal byproducts, lupins, lucerne, molasses, canola oil, canola meal, copra, limestone, dolomite, sodium bentonite, salt, live yeast culture, organic chromium, mould inhibitor, KER vitamin/trace mineral premix