Western Hay Wheaten Chaff

CHAFF – By Western Hay

Cut using Western Hay’s own trade secret method, the Champions Chaff range is our premium product. The cereal, legume and grass chaff is cut using a unique system that minimizes dust and ensures uniform particle size. 

Our Champions Chaff range includes oaten, wheaten, lucerne, rhodes and shandy blend of oaten and lucerne.

Ingredients for all chaff in the range are tested for quality, safety and comfort to strict quality guidelines. 

A QA report is compiled for each line of fodder. The report includes Annual Ryegrass Toxicity (ARGT) test results where applicable, feed analysis results, paddock history, cropping records, harvesting records and storage locations.

Researched, developed, designed and built completely in-house our all new cutting method further reduces dust and provides one of the most uniform particle sizes in the industry. 

All chaff is packaged in breathable poly woven bags that are durable, convenient and ensure no damage to the chaff from condensation. All chaff is stacked, compressed and strapped onto pallets for efficient transportation.